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When you're gone, who will protect your nest-egg from predators?
A Continuing Commitment
Once your plan is in place, you need someone to continue to watch out for you as the predators devise new ways to get at your nest egg. We are committed to keeping you informed of changes in the law that affect your estate plan, through our annual "Estate and Trust Law Newsletter". As changes occur, we will alert you so that any necessary adjustments to your estate plan can be made BEFORE it is too late.
Unless you plan now, up to 50% of your estate could be lost to probate costs and death taxes.
Our Pledge to You
Our practice is built on service, respect, and dedication to our client's needs. The cornerstone of this service is our commitment to furnishing the best possible legal representation in a professional and courteous manner. We invite you to visit with us for a complimentary no-cost consultation to review your present estate plan or create a new one.We have over 5000 estate plans in force with over 35 years of attorney experience.
Protect Your Lifetime Of Work
You've worked hard and planned carefully to provide for your family's needs. Don't forego the final step of protecting your hard-earned nest egg.
Defending Your Nest Egg For Those Who Matter Most
Upon your death, your estate becomes prey to forces that played no part in fostering its growth. Without proper planning, your assets could be consumed by probate costs and federal estate taxes. These costs and taxes seriously diminish the funds available to a surviving spouse, children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries. In some cases they can completely erode the estate. The end result of not planning is that a great deal of time is wasted and less of your property and funds are available for those who matter most to you.

         There is a solution. With planning, two of the worst predators, probate costs and federal estate taxes, can be completely eliminated or significantly reduced. Our skilled and professional attorneys stand ready to assess your needs and formulate a plan that also includes preparing for possible incapacity and minimizing capital gains taxes. Your assets can, in most cases, be transferred quickly and effectively to beneficiaries of your choosing while avoiding the costs and taxes that deplete your nest egg.
Compare Our Services...
Initial Consultation - no cost
Ongoing estate planning advice - no cost
Annual estate law report - no cost
Annual estate law change client seminar - no cost
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Executor consultation and direction - no cost
Initial review of your existing estate plan - no cost
Flat rate, fixed fee document drafting
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